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  Dekonig is a global chain of decorative building materials that integrates R & D, production, marketing and service.

  In China, we have more than ten wholly owned and holding enterprises, with professional R & D team and many modern production lines, focusing on the quality of German and industry, making the first brand of international high-end environmental decoration materials, and is committed to becoming the first choice of the global healthy family! Germany in the industry to launch the "villa mansion special plate" "villa mansion health board" ACEART technology, with rigorous, harsh German quality spirit, make every piece of German products like art; no aldehyde, purification, anti aldehyde decomposition technology, the "forest" into the global health family, for your love home created The foundation of high quality life.

  Baiqiang plank top products include a hundred strong board, floor, sound absorption board, light steel keel, wall panel, sauna, anticorrosion wood, hardware series and real wood fast loading home series. The boss owns more than 100 patent technology, including double core, undismantling, main fire, 3D fire. Back type sterilization and so on.

  The world's top selling products: Top 100 panel - villa luxury health board or international environmental standards leader, better than the national environmental standards 3 times.

  Taking ACEART technology as the core, select more than 30 years of oxygen wood, select A+++ class core material, all digital drying, degreasing, natural health, and use plant resin adhesive / non aldehyde class adhesive, and make every detail exquisite, monitor from log to finished product, screen and select the 100 perfect procedures, and cast out villa after 100 perfect procedures. A healthy board for a mansion. Is the baby, children, pregnant women, the elderly housing decoration optimization.

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